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The development road of conveyor energy saving and emission reduction

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-03

Energy saving and emission reduction is a long-term strategic development policy that is in line with national economic development and national economic growth at the current stage in China. At the same time, related thermal power plants and various power companies are the key bases for primary energy consumption, which have also become energy saving and emission reduction strategies. In order to be able to further effectively control the total amount of primary energy consumption, the key enterprises of the policy.

Relevant power enterprises need to carry out comprehensive upgrading and transformation. This paper mainly analyzes some problems existing in the enthusiasm of steam turbines, and discusses the influence of various factors on steam turbines. The degree of economic impact of the group, and put forward self-views and suggestions for effective improvement, and put forward measures to effectively reduce energy consumption during the operation of steam turbines, hoping to be helpful for the operation of related steam turbines.

How to save energy and electricity for conveyors

Nowadays society is increasingly advocating environmental protection and energy conservation, green industry, and green production. The pursuit point, then let's find out what methods are there for the machine to save energy?

1. Control the flow of the conveyor.

When the material conveyed by the conveyor is uneven and overloaded, the power consumption will increase. At this time, an alarm device is required, and the staff can adjust the material. When the material is continuous, uniform and stable, the power consumption will be reduced and the energy will be saved. The device that automatically adjusts the flow can accurately and timely adjust the flow of the conveyed material according to the needs, and improve the stability of the material flow. The efficiency of the conveying operation, the energy consumption of the system should be reduced.

2. Control voltage. This method is usually used in the conveyor in the coal mine to process the three-phase power supply of the motor, that is, after the voltage regulation of the bidirectional thyristor, the power is supplied to the motor, so that the terminal voltage of the motor is reduced, and the current on the load side is reduced. , so that the power consumption is reduced. The power factor is automatically compensated. By adjusting the voltage of the motor terminal to control the size of the power to achieve the effect of energy saving.

3. Control the number of motor runs. If the material determines the number of motor runs, it will greatly reduce energy consumption. In the push field, when the amount of material to be conveyed is small, one or even multiple motors can be reduced to work, and the power saving effect is obvious. This is a new skill technology that has only been researched and tried out in recent years. It automatically selects the number of motors that need to be involved in material conveying through the size of the amount of material to be conveyed by the loading conveyor, and reduces the number of motors that work to achieve energy saving.

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