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The development of the power roller line needs to keep pace with The Times, of course

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-02
Power roller line power source, mainly composed of transmission parts, such as roller, at the time of transport work, power roller line can be transmitted through the roller surface and the friction between the surfaces to goods transport operations. This kind of roller equipment, can be applied to horizontal conveying operation, also can be applied to the vertical conveying process, of course, as a vertical transport equipment, also need other accessories to cooperate to use, to avoid the goods appear fall off phenomenon. Power roller line also can be transmitted through combination, bue to equipment, and operation speed, can realize many kinds of transport, meet the needs of different transportation engineering. Dynamic galvanized roller can be used in the roller line, equipment, operation time can't long time, at the right time, let the power of galvanized roller can satisfy the using demand. Although the power of galvanized roll used in roller line, also need according to the time of the environmental requirements, such as temperature, outdoor or indoor use, power whether you need galvanized roller fixed on the roller table line, this is also need to make sure. Applies in the middle of the roller line, power galvanized roll Angle, length, etc, are all need to consider; When refer to these data, make its application effect can be better.
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