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The development history, current situation and future trend of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-17
Screw conveyors have been widely used in various sectors of the national economy and have been used in various industries. Screw conveyor is a commonly used continuous conveying machine without flexible traction components, and it is one of the important conveying equipment indispensable for modern production and logistics transportation. The wide application of screw conveyors has important practical significance for reducing heavy physical labor, improving labor productivity, and realizing the mechanization and automation of the material conveying process. The development process of screw conveyor is divided into two types of development process, shaft screw conveyor and shaftless screw conveyor. Shaft screw conveyor is composed of screw, U-shaped trough, cover plate, inlet and outlet and driving device. Generally there are three types of horizontal, inclined and vertical; while non-shaft screw conveyor adopts screw modification. It is a shaftless screw and is equipped with a replaceable lining body in the U-shaped groove. The structure is simple. The material is input from the feed port, pushed by the screw, and output from the discharge port. The entire transmission process can be carried out in a sealed tank. Generally speaking, the screw conveyor we usually refer to refers to the screw conveyor with shaft type. For many materials that are difficult to convey, people have been looking for a reliable conveying method, and the shaftless screw conveyor is a better solution. From the middle of the 17th century, aerial ropeways began to be used to transport bulk materials. By 1887, the screw conveyor was invented by Archimedes and later improved. It was widely used in industry to transport bulk and solid materials. With the development of time, a series of screw conveyors have been gradually developed, which makes the screw conveyors have a considerable development. With the development of conveying machinery, some new special-purpose screw conveyors have emerged, such as bendable screw conveyors, screw tube conveyors, high-inclination screw conveyors, piece-piece screw conveyors, and heat exchange screw conveyors. , Micro powder screw conveyor, new cooling screw conveyor, etc. Screw conveyors have been widely used in various sectors of the national economy and have been used in various industries. In the development of my country's modernization, the mechanization level of various industrial sectors, and the improvement of labor productivity, screw conveyors will play a greater role. Looking at the development history of screw conveyors, it can be foreseen that the future development direction of screw conveyors will mainly include the following aspects: (1) Large capacity, high speed, and long service life. High speed means high productivity and reduce production cost per unit time. Wear is the main reason that limits the life of screw conveyors. It reduces the friction coefficient between the material and the screw, increases the wear resistance of the screw shaft, and improves the performance of the material. Greatly improve the service life of the loading conveyor. (2) Low energy consumption and lower energy consumption. Most of the energy of the screw conveyor is consumed in friction loss. Therefore, reducing energy consumption is an urgent problem and development direction for the research and design of screw conveyors. (3) Intelligent development. The screw conveyor of the future should be closely connected with the computer, suitable for program control and intelligent operation. Material loading and unloading, machine installation and maintenance should be able to realize intelligent management. (4) The space can be bent and conveyed. In order to overcome the shortcomings of horizontal and vertical screw conveyors that can only convey materials in a straight line due to structural limitations, in recent years, flexible screw conveyors, spring conveyors, etc. have appeared. In addition, other conveyors should also develop new models for space and bendable conveying. (5) Combination and compound transportation are developing towards large-scale development. Use screw conveyors, combined with various continuous conveying machinery, to complete complex material conveying. Large-scale includes several aspects such as large conveying capacity, single machine length and large conveying inclination. (6) Expand the scope of use. At present, the scope of use of screw conveyors is restricted. It is necessary to expand the scope of use and study the environment that can work in corrosive, radioactive, and flammable materials under high temperature and low temperature conditions, and can transport hot, explosive, and easy materials. Screw conveyor for agglomerated and viscous materials. (7) Environmental protection awareness design, reduce pollution, and achieve the goal of green conveyor design.
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