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The detailed steps and matters needing attention of belt conveyor installation 'in'

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-16
A belt machine can meet the requirements of design, installation and smooth running normally, mainly depends on the drive gear, drum, and installation precision of the tail wheel, whether the center of the belt conveyor support and drive device and a tail wheel centerline overlap, so the pay-off is especially important when installation. Pay-off we use theodolite in the nose, Drive) And the tail ( The tail wheel) Made between tags, ink fountain point line, between the head and tail of the centerline together as a straight line, pay-off can guarantee high installation accuracy by this method. The installation of the drive, drive device is mainly driven by motor, reducer, drum, bracket, etc. First of all, we put the driving drum and bracket assembly, placed on the embedded plate, steel plate is placed between the embedded plate and bracket, with level leveling, guarantee the levelness of the support between the four points of less than or equal to 0. 5mm。 Then, find out the points of the driving drum line, the line object placed in the line, adjust the driving drum longitudinal and lateral points in line with the base center line overlap. In adjusting the driving drum level, consider for a certain amount of motor, reducer elevation adjustment allowance. Because of the motor and reducer connected to the equipment manufacturing is adjusted on the holder, so our task is to find positive and leveling, and ensure the speed reducer and the alignment between the driving drum. Adjustment, to drive the drum as a benchmark, because of the speed reducer and the connection of the driving drum for nylon rods elastic connection, the precision of the alignment can be appropriately relax, adjust to the radial less than or equal to 0. 2 mm, the end is not more than 2/1000. Second, the installation of the tail wheel tail wheel consists of two parts, bracket and roller, the adjustment steps are the same as the driving drum.
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