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The detailed steps and matters needing attention of belt conveyor installation 'down'

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-17
A, leg, middle frame, roller support, the installation of roller belt conveyor leg most shape for H, its length and width according to the belt length and width, belt transport amount varies. Below, we take the width of 1500 mm leg as an example, the specific operation method is as follows: (1) to measure the width of the center line, make a mark. (2) put the leg on the basis of embedded board, thread object perpendicular, the center line of leg width direction of the center line and foundation. (3) from any point in the center of the base line ( Is less than 1000 mm) Do a marker to mark as the basis, with box feet measured respectively the point to the distance of the two legs, according to the principle of isosceles triangle shows that when two same size, the leg that is. (4) weld leg, can put the middle frame, it is made of 10 or 12 channel, the channel width direction on 12 or 16 mm diameter hole is drilled, is for the use of connection roller bracket. Middle frame and the connection form of leg is a welding, installation application level measurement, to ensure the levelness of the middle frame and parallel degree, parallel direction on the two channel steel, the hole to find a diagonal measurement method is adopted to improve the degree of symmetry are, to ensure smooth roller stents, to raise heart stent installation. (5) put roller bracket in the middle rack, bolting, put roller on the roller bracket. Is important to note that the mouth of the blanking bottom rollers for the four groups of rubber roller, buffer, shock absorption effect. 6 the next parallel cut heart roller roller and mount. Second, attachment, the installation of the installation of safety accessories must be put on the belt on the holder can be carried out only after. Accessories including guide chute, empty section of the sweeper, head sweeper, prevent running deviation switch, chute, the belt tension device, etc. ( 1) Chute and guide chute chute in blanking, connected to the feed trough, under the guide chute on the tail of belt. Mineral aggregate of blanking mouth into the chute, again by chute into the feed trough, feed trough the ore material uniformly distributed in the center of the belt direction, to prevent the ore material splashed. ( 2) Sweeper empty section of the sweeper is installed in the tail of the belt, the belt of mineral aggregate function under cleaning. Head sweeper is installed at the bottom of the drum of the nose, ore belt material on cleaning effect. ( 3) Tension device tension device spiral taut, vertical tension, horizontal car type taut, etc. Spiral taut and the tail bracket is an organic whole, composed of nut and screw, is generally used in short strap. Vertical tighten and the car type tension for a long belt. ( 4) Install device security device including the head cover, the rear cover, pull switch, etc. Safety device is installed in the rotating parts of the belt conveyor, protection. After the above methods and steps of operation, and ensure the accuracy of a certain range, through the empty load and load test, and to adjust belt running deviation, can be a smooth and safe operation.
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