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The design of unpowered roller conveyors needs to focus on user experience

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-09

Unpowered roller conveyor is one of the most popular conveying equipments

. In the design and production stage, we should not only consider the operation and use of the equipment itself, but also pay attention to the simplicity of future maintenance.

Focusing on user experience design can win the trust of users.

The so-called focus on user experience design means not

Only to meet the actual production requirements of the user, but also to design according to the actual situation of the user's site, such as the design on the side of the fuselage

Climbing ladders, after considering the inclined conveying section, the passage of other equipment in the lower part and the passage of people will not be affected, etc. Here we will discuss in detail

Detailed introduction. In order to make it easy for users to check the conveying situation of materials, our company also considered it when designing the unpowered roller conveyor, and designed a climbing ladder for the inclined section of the equipment.

Maintenance and inspection can be easily carried out. In addition, the analysis is performed according to the data provided by the user during the design, and there will be no power scrolling.

The inclination of the drum conveyor has been increased, so that it does not affect other equipment under the inclined section, and also facilitates the passage of people. exist

Under the premise of not affecting the use of users, the device design is more reasonable.

There is also a situation where it is necessary to

The design of putting the tailstock of the unpowered roller conveyor into the pit to facilitate the feeding of other equipment. It is also considered in the design of the tailstock,

Leaving a certain space for personnel maintenance. In order to prevent the belt from deviating during the operation of the unpowered roller conveyor, I

We have welded some blocking rollers on the body of the inclined section, which can effectively prevent the belt from deviating and it is not easy for users to debug

appears. In the production of enterprises, many different types of equipment are matched with each other to complete the production process.

The feeder can design the discharge end and the feed end according to the equipment of the next process and the previous process, which is convenient for feeding and discharging

. For example, a silo can be designed at the feed end, and a discharge port can also be designed at the discharge end to facilitate discharging.

Finally, in order to

Meet the requirements of material conveying in different industries, our factory can specially design and use some acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant loading conveyor belts for users

, to meet the transportation of different industries and different materials. The humanized design not only solves the problems encountered by users during maintenance, but also

At the same time, it also solves the problem of users' space occupation, and the unpowered roller conveyor's focus on user experience design has won the use of

User's approval. For more information on roller conveyor lines, please visit our official website.

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