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The design of the belt conveyor components specification

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-11

belt conveyor components design specification, hopes to be helpful for your future use. Rubber belt conveyor is the traction components and bearing components, general rubber belt, belt machine often USES the main combat tensile body contains cotton canvas, nylon canvas and polyester cloth layer and a variety of powerful materials such as steel cable tape should be considered in the design specifications and technical requirements of fully fit some parameters, including: canvas layer of allowable requirements, least of all skeleton, the requirements of the maximum allowable, the thickness of the cover rubber, according to the conveying material loose density, particle size, blanking height and material of the friction coefficient are determined, under routine conditions to direct the selection, according to gb standard and effective product in its own weight of conveyor belt, need according to tensile body and cover the thickness of rubber layer with reference to the electronic sample selection, all kinds of canvas belt allowed minimum transmission roller diameter please refer to the standard size, in terms of rubber conveyor belt safety factor should be based on safety, reliability, life and manufacturing quality, the coupling efficiency, start coefficient, on-site condition, choose determine operating habits, and other Angle, cotton canvas conveyor belt work in between 8 to 9 mm thickness is relatively ideal, coupling efficiency will be promoted, and nylon, polyester canvas belt, thickness values between 10 and 12, if you use conditions or have other special requirements can choose the specification can be greater than the maximum, when the steel wire rope core transport belt general recommendation between 7 to 9 mm, can be applied to operating condition is good, small Angle work environment, low intensity can be of little value, great value, conversely for high reliability and high, such as rubber belt should be properly higher than the value of blast furnace; The drum of electric power in 2. Between 2 to 55 kw, used in the workplace environment temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, choose commonly used commonly type can, if you have special requirements, such as flame retardant, the special requirements such as explosion-proof, need according to the actual requirements to matching; Finally in terms of driving drum type selection, the bearing capacity can be divided into light, the model and the model, three kinds of the same kind of drum is different between the diameter of axle and the center span can for designers to choose from, drive roller surface is bare steel surface, chevron and argyle rubber coverage, when small power, small bandwidth and dry environment can use naked light steel drum, adopt the herringbone pattern conveyor belt to cover the rubber joint can make contact friction coefficient increases, skid resistance and drainage, and the diamond of glue can be used for two-way running belt machine, when he has more stringent requirements, heat vulcanized rubber surface may be used for inclusion.
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