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The daily maintenance of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-15
As you all know! Belt conveyor for maintenance, not only can reduce the damage of belt conveyor, also can greatly prolong the service life. Today let's summary of the contents of the belt conveyor maintenance. Daily maintenance of equipment operating workers on duty, mechanical design and manufacturing four things seriously do shift, five attention in class and after four things. Class four thing digestion pattern data, check hand-over records. Wipe a mechanical processing plants, lubrication oil according to the rules. Check the handle position and manual operation is correct, flexible, site safety device is reliable. Low speed check mechanical transmission is BBS no normal, lubrication and cooling was clear. Class five note pay attention to in sound operation, equipment, ground temperature, pressure, liquid level, electric hydraulic machinery, hydraulic, pneumatic system, instrument signal, security insurance is normal. After four things close the switch, put all the handle mechanical science and technology to zero. Remove iron, dirt, and wipe equipment guide surface and sliding surface oil, and gas. Cleaning the work place, accessories, tools. Fill in the tianjin machinery hand-over records and records of the operation, the handing-over formalities. Weeks cases confirmed by equipment operators in carton machinery at the end of a week, 2 h for general equipment maintenance time, fine, big, loose equipment 4 h. Exterior rub-up equipment guide rail, the transmission chemical machinery parts and exposed portion, cleaning work area. Inside and outside clean and no dead Angle, no rust, surrounding environment clean and tidy. Drive coal mine mechanical manipulation check each part to technical status, tighten loose parts, adjust the fit clearance. Check the interlock, insurance device. To drive sound normal, safe and reliable mechanical industry publishing house. Hydraulic lubrication oil cleaning line, dust-proof mat, oil filter, fuel tank add gas or oil change. Check the hydraulic system, achieve oily qing jie tianjin machinery, oil flow, no leakage, no grind. Electrical system, snakeskin tube surface, wipe motor check insulation, grounding, washing machine to complete, clean and reliable.
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