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The correct method of flexible conveyor equipment operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-23
The flexible conveyor is a common conveyor. It is a new combined three-dimensional conveying system improved on the basis of the traditional conveyor. It can meet the multi-angle conveying tasks in the space, whether it is a sharp turn or an uphill or downhill. It can deal with it freely. Although with the continuous improvement of the flexible loading conveyor, the operation becomes more and more simple and convenient, but the editor believes that it is more appropriate to operate by professional staff to reduce the occurrence of failures. So what are the correct ways to operate the flexible loading conveyor? 1. Start-up inspection Before turning on the flexible loading conveyor, you need to check the transmission parts and sprocket. The flexible chain plate and the safety protection device are not installed firmly and reliably. Check whether the connection of each wire is loose or slippery, check that the lubrication of the wire between the flexible chain plates does not meet the requirements, and add lubricating oil immediately if the requirements are not met. 2. Turn on the machine in the order of starting (1) Turn on the material receiving equipment first (2) Turn on the flexible chain plate conveyor line (3) Turn on the feeding device 3. The flexible conveyor should be fed evenly while conveying materials, and not too much. Otherwise, it is easy to be blocked and flow to the outside of the machine, which can easily cause chain plate derailment accidents. 4. During the transportation of the flexible conveyor, if any failure occurs, it needs to be shut down immediately for inspection and repaired by professionals. 5. Always check the tightness of the chain plate and adjust the tightness at any time to prevent the chain plate conveyor belt from slipping. 6. Keep the line body clean and fill in the relevant records every day. 7. Before shutting down, stop the feeding equipment first, and then wait for the material on the conveyor belt to be cleaned before shutting down.
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