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The conveyor manufacturer tells you about the storage skills of the reducer of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-08
The motor of the belt conveyor slows down. If the owner adjusts the speed and torque, the belt loading conveyor will reach its desired form, so as to ensure the smooth progress of all tasks. In the food industry, although many machinery and equipment such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors, roller conveyors, mesh belt conveyors and chain conveyors have entered the production enterprises, some machinery is not used very frequently. Play some transitional role, so when we do not use certain mechanical equipment, users need to pay attention to the storage of conveying equipment. Reserve is a commonly used method of mechanical maintenance, and the reserve of slower machinery requires attention to control technology.  1. Regarding the belt conveyor slower device with a reserve time of more than 60 days, all processing surfaces such as flanges, shafts and couplings must be coated with anti-rust products.  2. Do not store it in the open air or in an overly humid place.  3. There are always planks, wood or other raw materials between the conveying equipment and the floor. The slower device must not make direct contact with the floor.  4. The vent plug must be at the top and filled with lubricating oil when the belt conveyor is placed on the slower, which is not practical for the lifelong smooth slower. Before the slow down machine is put into operation, inject the appropriate number and smoothness of each category number from the beginning. Inject an appropriate amount of lubricating oil on the side of the slower device. The viscosity of the lubricating oil is selected according to the different conditions. The slower device usually has an oil filling hole and an oil drain plug, so when we order the slower device, we must specify its installation location. In summary, do you all understand? I'm here first today, and we will meet again next time. I wish you all a happy life.
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