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The composition of belt conveyor which need conveyor accessories

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-07
Do you know what belt conveyor conveyor accessories? It mainly consists of belt, roller, bracket, power, roller conveyor accessories, such as the conveyor accessories species diversity, a complete belt conveyor consists of many conveyor accessories. How to choose? A, first of all, I still learn about the conveyor accessories category 1 roller occupies the largest number of a. Lubrication degree of the roller rotation, roller conveyor accessories. Directly determine the friction coefficient of the belt conveyor. 2 drum drum quality directly decides the conveyor running safe coefficient. Belt conveyor roller is divided into redirection roller and active roller. Roller is one of the largest type conveyor accessories in a single volume. 3 a variety of conveyor belt conveyor accessories in the highest cost. A belt conveyor occupy the whole conveyor line around a third of the cost. Conveyor belt. 4 cleaning device and other insist with surface clean. Sweeper is also a relatively conveyor accessories one of the important parts. An empty section of the sweeper can effectively clean the conveyor belt material appearance. Second, conveyor accessories selection method in the process of selection of at ordinary times should be how to choose? The above is introduced so many conveyor accessories. According to the original belt conveyor models to choose from. Straight with conveyor and climbing belt conveyor can vary widely. So first of all, the first is based on the conveyor models to choose from. Models of belt conveyor. 2 undertake choosing according to use purpose for long conveying distance conveyor, for example, use different purpose. The selection of belt will pull more big can choose the nylon conveyor belt. Short distance can choose canvas conveyor belt. 3 are there any special requirements have special requirements for belt conveyor, for larger volumes. The choice of roller be extra attention. Compound gel can be used to increase the friction. Can choose heat-resisting performance better belt and rollers. To prevent heat damage conveyor ontology. For there is a requirement for heat resistant conveyor.
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