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The common problems in the assembly line, assembly line daily operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-27
Assembly line high scalability, throughput is designed according to the requirements, delivery speed, assembly station, auxiliary parts ( Including fast connection, fan, lighting, socket, kanban, r, 24 v power supply, wind group, etc. , so popular with the enterprise; Pipelining is an effective combination of man and machine, the most fully embody the flexibility of the device, it will transfer system, pallet and online plane, organic combination of testing equipment, in order to meet the variety of products delivery requirements. But in the daily work, the operation of the pipeline may meet all kinds of problems, the following industrial equipment for these phenomena, to do the simple introduction: 1, the assembly line from left to right and from right to left, which is better? Answer: because most people used to right hand, and therefore line main flowing from left to right. 2, u-shaped assembly line is the most appropriate? Answer: not necessarily, assembly line layout must be according to the characteristics of the product and manufacturability. 3, assembly line production capacity will be increased with the speed up? A: production capacity, high and low should depend on the bottleneck process operation time. If forced to increase the speed of assembly line will cause a lot of problems. 4, assembly line is designed to deliver products? Answer: not exactly, the ultimate purpose is to realize the continuity of product value flow. 5 why just shift work or for a period of time, low yield? Answer: is a preparation phase, and the problem of multiple times. So the succession management is critical. 6, line speed setting must be constant? Answer: the product in the same class should be constant, with different products in the production line, there will be a speed change. Line processing mode is a kind of time overlapping parallel processing processing technology, specifically, is the assembly line can be activated at the same time two or more operations, to improve the performance. To achieve this, the assembly line must be preserved when pipeline technology open, let the task sufficient water, but in real life, there will be two kinds of circumstances make line pauses or cannot start: 1, multiple tasks at the same time period being in the same period of water. If in the command line, for example, if the data and instructions are placed in the same container, and only one access interface, so, two instructions will contention storage; In some arithmetic pipeline, some calculations can access a unit at the same time. 2, the data dependence. Operations must be B, for example, the result of the operation, however, B operation has not yet started, A computing action will have to wait for, until the operation is completed, B two operations cannot be performed at the same time. Solution: the first case, increase the number of operational unit to make they don't have to compete for the same parts; The second case, use the method of instruction scheduling rearranging the instruction or the sequence of operation.
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