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The cleaning skills of shaftless screw conveyor equipment are all here

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-09

The elastic connection between the shaftless screw conveyor equipment and the shell and the base, and then let the vibration have no effect on the conveyor equipment; the conveyor equipment is made of iron-based wear-resistant alloy, which has a long service life; the inner lining of the shell is made of iron The base wear-resistant alloy has a long service life and can prevent the material from flowing due to excessive gaps after wear; the equipment is very sensitive and can be divided into chain drive and direct connection. When plugging or replacing damaged boiler dust collector bags, the dust inside the gas chamber must be cleaned first.

Shaftless screw conveyor. Each part of the screw conveyor equipment must be fully adjusted and secured before the anchor bolts are tightened. The disadvantage of the belt shaft screw conveyor equipment is that the parts are severely worn, the conveying capacity is low, the energy consumption is high, and the material is easily broken during transportation.

The wet ash machine of the shaftless screw loading conveyor equipment is installed in the lower part of the ash storage hopper, and the dry powder ash is evenly fed into the machine through the impeller feeder (electric air brake) . The dry powder ash rotates directionally through the ratchet wheel, and is dispersed and mixed with a certain amount of water (the amount of water can be adjusted). After reaching the predetermined humidity, the material will face the discharge port through the spiral conveyor belt, and the secondary dust will be thoroughly treated. Water should only be supplied to the machine after normal operation has begun. When the machine is shut down, the material should be fed intermittently, and the machine should be stopped for standby after the material is emptied. If the motor load suddenly increases or decreases during operation, and the mechanical system is abnormal, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately for inspection, and continue to put into production after troubleshooting.

Usually, in the process of using the cyclone dust collector, we should do the correct classification work, which will help us more. But pay attention to prevent the conveyor equipment from automatically hitting the side damper due to the high pressure difference of the boiler dust collector.

Energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection and no pollution. Cleaning method of shaftless screw conveyor equipment The ash hopper of the boiler bag filter should have prominent thermal insulation measures, and the ash hopper should be electrically heated. It can evenly mix and transport powdery materials to meet the requirements of dust-free transportation.

It is used for forming material of water jet wet mixing conveyor equipment. 1. The output of the equipment is large, the humidity is very uniform, and the operation is very reliable; 2. There are special atomizing nozzles and water supply systems, which can ensure that the humidity of the material is very uniform; The problem of sticking to the wall is improved, the adaptability of the loading conveyor equipment is improved, and the application scheme of the uniaxial dust humidifier is expanded.

When manufacturers choose the bottle feeding screw attached to the screw conveyor for production and transportation operations, in order to better improve the stability of bottle feeding and meet different production operations To meet the needs, the method of equal pitch is used to end the constant speed transportation and filling. When the screw impeller works at a constant speed, the amplitude modulation vibration equipment works intermittently to make the surrounding wall of the mixing drum vibrate at the same amplitude, and the humidified viscous dust is separated from the metal drum wall.

The method is to increase the moisture in the air through the wet dust machine to achieve the effect of dust removal , or use a dust-free knife for cutting to prevent the generation of dust. The built-in vacuuming technology in the knife absorbs very little dust, prevents dust from escaping, eliminates dust to a certain extent, and minimizes or prevents dust from harming the human body. The control and elimination method of dust in shaftless screw conveyor equipment must start with the source of dust and end with the improvement of process technology. The thermal insulation layer should be waterproof and fireproof, and the entire plane should be flat and beautiful after thermal insulation (after thermal insulation, the plane should not leak strong ribs, the ribs should be flush with the outer guard plate, and the thermal insulation structure with an air flow layer on the outer layer should not affect the application of dust removal accessories).

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