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The classification of chain conveyor and related knowledge introduction

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-25
Chain conveyor is a kind of fixed conveying equipment, also known as plate chain loading conveyor is divided into: light chain conveyor and heavy chain loading conveyor. Heavy-duty plate chain conveyors are sometimes called partition conveyors, and they are generally used as ground logistics conveying equipment. Heavy-duty plate chain conveyors are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances (TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.), large electrical appliances, electromechanical and other industries. Our company is a professional chain conveyor manufacturer with many years of experience in the production of chain conveyors. Let me introduce the relevant knowledge of chain conveyors to you! Light chain conveyors are widely used in food, beverage, electronics, electrical appliances and light industry industries. The light-duty plate chain conveyor has a very flexible conveying form. It can make full and effective use of space. It can be designed to be used independently of various models, and it can be very conveniently matched with other conveying equipment. Heavy-duty chain conveyors can usually be combined with belt conveyors, roller conveyors, hoists, screw conveyors, etc. to form a three-dimensional automated production line, making full use of their respective advantages to achieve the effect of improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and ensuring product quality. It is the best combination form of modern large-scale enterprise's entire factory automation production. Lightweight plate chain conveyors are also called top chain conveyors or flat top chain conveyors. The above is all the content of today. If you have any needs about the chain loading conveyor, please feel free to contact us, and you are also welcome to pay attention to our website updates at any time, more chain conveyor related knowledge will continue to be organized for you. ---------------------------It is the core component of logistics automated transportation and sorting and the key transportation equipment provider and service provider for your logistics system To improve competitiveness, we look forward to sharing with you those things in the transportation equipment industry. Wechat exchanges, please add 'automated assembly line' Wechat: zdhlsx
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