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The choose and buy of belt conveyor techniques

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-14
Belt conveyor is used widely, can help people reduce the workload greatly, in the case of a large number of goods transport belt conveyer is indispensable little helper. If you are just going to buy a belt transmission machine recently might as well to look small make up to sort out this article about buying machine belt transmission techniques, maybe have some help to you. 1, to determine the parameters, including bandwidth, transmission capacity and using life, also want to consider the noise size, wear-resisting degree and probably clear you want to choose model; 2, different conveyor manufacturers products quotation; 3, the belt material quality, depending on you to buy this belt transmission machine what main transportation, such as some antistatic products need, the material of the belt is antistatic; 4, the quality of the belt conveyor identification, check the appearance, look at the paint and parts are in good condition; Parts by manual operation, the operation is normal, etc. ; 5, belt machine form a complete set of accessories, such as: certificate of approval, complete specifications, three bags of CARDS, etc.
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