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The characteristics of the conveying principle of the vibrating conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-12
2021-02-25 09:22:27 The working principle of the vibrating loading conveyor is to force the carrier to perform simple harmonic vibration or close to simple harmonic vibration in a certain direction through the exciter. When the vibration acceleration reaches a certain value, the material It realizes continuous small throwing or sliding along the transportation direction in the carrying body, so that the material moves forward and the purpose of transportation is realized. It is mainly used for conveying loose block or granular materials under horizontal or small inclination angles, and also for conveying powder materials with a particle size not greater than 47um. The vibrating loading conveyor can also vertically promote bulk materials. The vibrating loading conveyor is simple in structure and light in weight. The cost is not high; the energy consumption is low; the operation cost of the equipment is low; the lubrication point and the wearing parts are small, and the maintenance is convenient; Sexual materials; multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading are possible; it is convenient for airtight transportation of dusty, toxic, and volatile materials, which is beneficial to environmental protection. High temperature materials can be transported, and the temperature can be reached. When heat-resistant steel is used as the carrier or cooling measures are taken, the high temperature of the transported materials can be reached; if the carrier structure is slightly improved, the material can be screened during the transportation process. , Drying, heating, cooling and other process requirements. The upward conveying efficiency is low; the conveying effect of powdery and water content is large, and the viscous material is not good; there are certain requirements for installation and debugging; when the manufacturing or debugging is poor, the noise is increased; some models have a certain dynamic load on the foundation; the conveying interval not long.
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