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The characteristics and scope of application of the portable belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-26

mobile belt conveyor according to the presence of Angle can be divided into parallel tilted mobile and portable conveyor. Can use alone, also can use more than one combination, the efficient and save a lot of personnel and funds. Hengyang double goose production of portable belt conveyer to have their own characteristics. According to the presence of lifting device and can be divided into fixed movable belt conveyor and drop mobile belt conveyor.

mobile belt conveyor application: mobile belt conveyor is applicable to coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building material, port, warehouse, construction site conveying material or box of bag items, mobile belt conveyor is especially suitable for in chemical fertilizer plants, cement and so on need to use artificial loading environment, save a lot of people, movable belt conveyor slightly modified can also in food, brewing, clothing, electronics, etc. Used in the assembly line work.

mobile belt conveyor features: mobile belt conveyor used electric roller transmission, high efficiency, simple structure, height adjustable, convenient in operation and maintenance, with the mobile belt conveyor caster, mobile and flexible, artificial can push in and out warehouse, use the length and height can be made according to the actual situation of ascension. Can also be adjusted by lifting gear.

selection, order should mark: mobile belt conveyor belt speed, bandwidth, transmission distance, throughput, oblique Angle, material characters, work environment, the basic technical parameters, such as stacking Angle where * is mainly to provide to the lifting height and * * * small height. Be decided by these two highly portable belt conveyor, such as the length of the value. Other transportation such as chemical fertilizers, package box of bag items choose parallel conveyor, conveying grain, coal, sand and other material to choose trough belt conveyor.

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