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The characteristics and advantages of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-15
Advanced modular curve chain conveyor. Modular conveyor belt curve no higher than 4 mm international standard opening, even within the curve, also can be eliminated by the operator of pinch point to enhance security. Through the cover up and down the chain edge and completely contains drive system can implement additional security measures, thus reducing the catenary belt sag and noise. Reduce the space is another improvement modular belt conveyor. Modular belt conveyor system aimed at by maintaining a footprint as compact as possible to maximize the factory space available. Feeding and discharging part is compact 18 & other; And further saves valuable floor space. The end of the conveyor is equipped with improved design, can provide excellent support. In the modular belt ( A straight line) Add an overturned on the tail, can better access to the internal conveyor for cleaning. The characteristics and advantages of belt conveyor, including: belt conveyor idler optional leading rod end with v-shaped guide rail track, used to keep the belt represents higher stability in appropriate location 304 stainless steel stainless steel bedstead flat conveyor side in the installation accessories, and other equipment connection and product transfer has more flexibility when modular belt conveyor mould to broadband chain up to 18 & other; - flatter at the top of the surface No edge 2700 best n 25 mm distance between bending strength strong single chain pin chain, easy to remove, to adjust the chain length bending chain can easily ascend in straight line section, easy to clean and maintain
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