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The chain plate conveyor is a continuous transport machine with flexible traction, and its transport capacity is not affected by the bulk and humidity of the goods

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-29
Chain plate loading conveyor is a flexible traction continuous transportation machine, its transportation capacity is not affected by the size and humidity of the goods. Chain plate conveyor is a flexible traction continuous transportation machine, and its transportation capacity is not affected by the goods. It has the characteristics of small body height, easy loading, convenient length adjustment, easy displacement, and strong body due to the influence of lumpiness and humidity. It has been widely used in grain, grease, feed, food, chemical, building materials and other industries. Scraper conveyors are also used in many feed factories. They can transport raw materials or finished products horizontally or at a certain angle for longer distances. Its types include horizontal chain conveyors, inclined chain conveyors and self-cleaning chain conveyors. . It is very important to select the chain loading conveyor correctly to achieve safety, technology, economy and optimal operation. If the parameters of the chain loading conveyor are improperly determined or the equipment selection is unreasonable, its working performance will be affected, and the motor may even be caused. Failures such as damage and chain plate chain failure; the scientific use, maintenance and management of chain plate conveyors also cannot be underestimated. It has important practical significance for increasing conveying output, prolonging the service life of equipment, and reducing transportation costs.
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