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The chain plate conveyor has large carrying capacity and stable transportation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-07-29

The products produced by many enterprises are very large. In order to save labor costs, most of them choose free conveying production lines. The heavy-duty chain conveyor has the characteristics of large carrying capacity and stable transportation, which has been widely promoted.

The length and load-bearing of the heavy-duty chain plate conveyor can be selected, and different specifications can be selected according to different production volumes. Complete straight/turn/lift various conveying forms. Its anti-smashing ability is also very strong, and those with large drop and accumulated materials can be selected. The chain conveyor is suitable for die-casting production

If the appearance is required, the conveyor can be painted/sprayed. The chain loading conveyor belt has a smooth conveying surface and can convey Large quantity is a good choice. The chain plate also has the form of gusset plate and bending plate, and users can choose according to their own use conditions.

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