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by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-18
Conveyor belt conveyor belt according to the different of material delivery, the material can be used rubber belt, cable, plastic belt, belt, steel mesh belt, etc. , and rubber belt according to the purposes and can be classified as strong, ordinary, light, the type of mine, heat-resistant type, etc. 5. Conveyor belt can be used on both ends of the mechanical joints, cold glued joints and vulcanization joint connection. Mechanical joint strength of belt body strength only 3-5% 45%, the application of diminishing. Cold glue joint strength can reach about 70% of the belt body strength, increasing application. Vulcanization joint strength can reach 85% with body strength 90%, and the joint life expectancy. The width of the conveyor belt is 50 - than pieces material width 100 mm, pieces of material on the conveyor belt pressure should be less than 5 kPa. Drum and controlling gear roller transmission roller and redirection roller two kinds big. Drive roller is combined with driving gear, its outer surface can be a metal surface, also can pack on rubber layer to increase the coefficient of friction. Redirection roller changing the direction of the conveyor belt conveyor belt and increase the transmission Angle of the roller. Drive device is mainly composed of motor, coupling, reducer, transmission roller, etc. Conveyor belt is usually under a load starting, should choose the starting torque of motor. Can generally be used worm gear reducer, planetary gear reducer cycloidal pinwheel reducer or cylindrical gear reducer. The motor, reducer, transmission made a body called the electric drum drum. Electric roller is a designed for power conveyor belt parts. Rollers of belt conveyor system are often used for long distance transportation, in order to prevent material with prolapse caused by gravity and the weight of conveyor belt, many rollers shall be placed under the conveyor belt. Roller according to the number of long and decide, when transporting materials in large pieces on the roller spacing should be less than a half the size of the pieces of material on the conveying direction, under the roller spacing on the desirable roller spacing of 2 times the left and right sides. Roller structure should choose according to the type of material conveying, roller bearing roller, according to the function is divided into light roller, self-aligning roller, etc. Tensioning device tensioning device's role is to make the conveyor belt to produce a certain tension in advance, avoid conveyor belt skidding on the transmission roller; Control the deflection of conveyer belt between the roller at the same time, to reduce the resistance. Tensioning device in the characteristics of the structure screw, screw, spring pendant hanging type, winch type tension in the form. Vertical type tensioning device, its tension roller is installed in a car can move on the rack, using heavy hammer to tighten the car, the tensioning device can easily adjust the size of the tension.
In the office, various are considered essential since they are used to achieve particular tasks in the office. Among these , gravity roller conveyor, container loading machine, and container loading machine are widely used.
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