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The belt conveyor has a simple structure and has many advantages in conveying

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-27
2012-03-14 09:27:48 The belt conveyor is composed of several large parts such as a driving roller, a redirecting roller, an idler or rollerless parts, a driving device, a conveyor belt, etc. It can be combined as needed and the assembly structure is very simple , The conveyor belt has various functions such as abrasion resistance, acid, alkali resistance, oil resistance, flame retardancy, and high and low temperature resistance. It can be manufactured as required, so it can transport various bulk materials, chemicals, raw clinker and concrete, and the transportation volume can vary from each A few kilograms to thousands of tons per hour, and it is continuous and uninterrupted. It can turn on horizontal and vertical surfaces, breaking the restriction that the trough belt conveyor cannot turn. Therefore, it can walk along the terrain by relying on the mountains and the water. Save a lot of infrastructure investment for tunnels and bridges. It can be loaded and unloaded at the point length according to the needs of the process flow, and can also be loaded and unloaded on the return section, and transported in the direction. The moving parts have light weight. As long as the conveyor belt is not torn, the service life can be as long as ten years. Metal structural parts, as long as they have good rust prevention, they will not be broken for decades. The only wear parts are idler rollers and roller loading conveyor belts. Long life, high degree of automation, very few staff, average less than 1 person per kilometer, consumption of oil and electricity Also very few. The belt loading conveyor can generally be above 20°, such as the round tube type 90° can go up, and it can turn horizontally, which greatly saves infrastructure investment. The moving parts are light in weight and ineffective. In all continuous and discontinuous transportation, the belt loading conveyor has low energy consumption and high efficiency. The moving parts are only rollers and rollers. The conveyor belt is very wear-resistant.
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