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The bearing disassembly method and matters of the vibrating screen

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-13
2019-09-03 19:16:29 The bearing disassembly method and matters of the vibrating screen, the bearing of the vibrating screen is a very important component in its equipment, it must be regularly lubricated to ensure its lubricity, and sometimes it must be disassembled Come down for maintenance. If the disassembly method is incorrect, the bearing will be damaged. The shaft must be properly supported, otherwise the disassembly force may damage the bearing. Peripheral disassembly: set several screws for extruding the outer ring on the circumference of the shell, tighten the screws evenly and remove them. The screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs, vibrating screen tapered roller bearings and other separable bearings, which are blocked in the shell There are several cuts on the shoulders, which can be disassembled with a press using a pad or tapped gently. The disassembly of the cylindrical bore bearing: It can be pulled out by a press machine. It is easy to make the inner ring bear its pulling force. The inner ring of the large vibrating screen bearing adopts oil pressure method. Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole provided on the shaft to make it easy to draw. For bearings with a large width, the hydraulic method and the drawing fixture are used together for disassembly operations. The disassembly of the tapered bore bearing is to support the inner ring with a stopper fastened to the shaft, turn the nut back several times, and use the spacer to knock it off with a hammer. Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in vibrating screens and screw conveyors. The products are of good quality and reasonable prices. Welcome to inquire.
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