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The assembly line relieves labor pressure and new opportunities for conveyor development

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-07

From the current development situation pressure brought by the rising labor cost of Chinese enterprises, the only solution is to introduce automatic

The assembly line equipment is used to replace people. From a long-term perspective, the introduction of conveyors will bring many new opportunities for enterprise development. According to analysis

, the main assembly line conveying machinery industry technology is mature, the trend is as follows:


As the state continues to strengthen investment and implement the policy of favorable prices, it is expected that the decline in the production of large-scale agricultural machinery products will be significantly reduced.

Machinery and conveying equipment will maintain moderate growth, and the market demand for some small and special agricultural machinery will remain stable. but received by farmers

Influenced by factors such as slowing growth and income diversion, it is expected that the low-speed growth of agricultural machinery production cannot be reversed.


Machinery industry: It is expected that with the national investment in railways, highways, airports, terminals and urban public infrastructure projects

Strengthen, the market demand for construction machinery products in the domestic market will be improved. Although the production growth of enterprises this year will be higher than that of last year

Decreased, but the construction machinery industry will maintain moderate growth throughout the year.

Instrumentation industry: development prospects of instrumentation products

Look, it is expected that the market demand for investment meters will improve.

Demand will gradually stabilize, and optical instruments and consumer instruments will continue to maintain the current growth trend, with an annual growth rate of around 5%.

Petrochemical general industry: The petrochemical general equipment industry products are mostly auxiliary machinery manufacturing with a large volume and a wide range.

The production growth rate of this industry has dropped month by month, but it is still basically moderate compared with other manufacturing industries.

The production of gas compressors and high and medium pressure valves is related to the sluggish production of the fertilizer industry, and the decline is large. From the current related line before development

The situation will turn for the better, and the growth of assembly line production will recover. In particular, the country will increase the technical transformation of complete sets of equipment.

Promote steady growth of demand.

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