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The application of rubber belt conveyer in mill production line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-27

Rubber belt conveyor in the production line of concentrator applications: rubber belt conveyor use range is very wide, usually in a lot of the production line of belt conveyor is indispensable to a device, such as mining, quarry, building industry, building materials and transportation departments and so on. Belt conveyor is suitable for conveying various solid block, powder materials, bulk items, can be continuous, high efficiency, large dip Angle transportation, safe in operation and convenient use, easy maintenance, save manpower and brought great convenience to the user. The application of belt conveyor in mill production line with sustained and rapid development of national economy, the demand of mineral resources and energy more and more. 

 Belt conveyor is indispensable to mill conveying machinery, mainly as a dry solid materials transportation equipment, also can be used as a dressing, etc.  The use of auxiliary equipment in the production process. Concentrator with a belt conveyor is the bond in mineral processing production line, it closely connecting the crushing, grinding, screening, to ensure the whole process smoothly. If you need this belt conveying equipment of concentrator, should first simply know the mineral belt factory, market, and is how to complete the whole process of conveying belt conveyor. 

 Tianjin sharp small make up below will introduce you to some of the belt conveyor in some application and working process of the concentrator: 

1, the feed: ore by feeding funnel homogeneous continuous along the direction of the width of the belt conveyor to the other end of the belt conveyor. 

 2, transportation: belt conveyor by means of friction between the material and belt to complete the solid material and powder material transportation between different processes. 

 3, discharge: after processing the materials on a conveyor belt, relying on the conveyor belt friction drive the discharge to the discharge end. Concentrator with a belt conveyor is widely used in modern all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises, such as: mine underground roadway, mine ground transportation system, open stope and the concentrator, is all sorts of mineral processing production line of the link. Compared with other transport equipment, the characteristics of long transmission distance, large capacity, and the advantages of continuous transmission, easy to realize automation and centralized control. In recent years, the market demand more space, driving the development of the high speed belt conveyor industry. 

 Future belt conveying machinery will towards reducing energy consumption to save energy, large-scale, automation and diversified direction. Research and development under the condition of low temperature, radioactive, corrosive, flammable substances work environment of the conveyor, the greatest degree of play to the role of the belt conveyor, also is one of the goals of industry efforts. Guangzhou since it was founded in 2007, adhere to the enterprise culture promotion enterprise core competitiveness, follows: & other; Cooperation and development, to win more & throughout; The management idea, has an experienced management team, complementary advantages. There are more than 130 employees, the company specializing in the production of a variety of assembly line, assembly line production line, assembly line, times the speed chain; The company after many years of industry efforts, has now become the largest assembly line, assembly line in guangzhou, times the speed of production line, production line manufacturers; Its products in the industry has a higher visibility.
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