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The advantages of rubber roller drum line: PVC pack

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-13
Drum line: PVC bag glue roller of the advantages of PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) Conveyor roller, also known as the plastic conveyor roller, has a number of advantages when compared with stainless steel or steel conveyor roller. When considering corrosion resistance, the two pipe material used in the manufacture of conveyor roller are: ( 1) Stainless steel pipe ( 2) PVC pipe while stainless steel is a kind of excellent corrosion resistant material, but because of its cost, the PVC could be more viable alternatives. Compared with stainless steel conveyor roller, the advantages of PVC conveyor roller is as follows: the cost of conveyor roller manufacturing using PVC as the pipe material is more cost effective than stainless steel conveyor roller. The weight of the PVC conveyor roller lighter than metal or stainless steel conveyor roller. Environment friendly because of sources of raw materials used in the manufacture of PVC resin, PVC conveyor roller friendly to the environment. Because PVC light weight, each trucking PVC pipes more than the metal tube. This saves raw materials and finished product conveyor roller for transport fuel. PVC can be easily recycled. Can tolerate a wide range of chemicals and chemical resistance PVC corrosive substances. MARRPVC resistant conveyor roller will not damage the most products. PVC is a multifunctional PVC can use almost any color shading. PVC is easy to processing and no special equipment, PVC can be cutting into certain length. After cutting the PVC, no need to remove inside or outside. This saves time and cost of production.
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