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Telescopic conveyor structure and use matters

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-28

First, briefly understand the structure of the telescopic conveyor. As shown in the picture below, the telescopic loading conveyor is mainly composed of a telescopic part, a conveying part, and a supporting part.

1. Retractable part

As the name suggests, It can be freely stretched to achieve the length required by customers, and the telescopic machine can be folded and pushed to the designated storage position, which can save the space of the venue and ensure the smoothness of the venue. Two stretchable sheets form an X-shape to stretch and shrink through the center rotation point, 7 or 8 sets of X-shape form a set, 2 or 3 sets of left and right (Furai wheel type) form a single unit, and then 1-6 units are performed. The multi-unit combination, the expansion ratio is about 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3.

2. The conveying part

accommodates goods to move flexibly. The width of the conveying surface is optional, and the conveying medium is the Fulai wheel type, which has a greater degree of flexibility. After being pushed, it is more suitable for the transportation of small packaged goods. It can also be placed in 'S' shape and 'O' shape according to customer needs to meet customer transportation sites. environment.

3. Support part

The telescopic loading conveyor can be moved to various positions through the support part; the height can be adjusted up and down (adjustment range 0~200mm), through the adjustment of the outriggers, each caster is in contact with the ground, so that the conveying remains stable. The casters are all 125mm full brake swivel wheels, which are safe and reliable.

Precautions when using the telescopic conveyor:

1. Do not overload the telescopic conveyor and throw the goods on the conveying surface. So as not to damage or scrap the retractor.

2. Regularly check the fasteners and do not loosen the parts. Regularly inspect parts and components for damage and sharp corners that could damage the goods.

3. Check the outrigger height and adjust the outrigger height if necessary to ensure the casters on each outrigger are in contact with the ground. Ensure that the conveying surface is stable and make the goods move normally on the conveying surface.

4. When the telescopic machine is to be stretched into an arc, it should be stretched and bent at the same time. Never bend again when it has reached its limit.

When extending and retracting the telescopic machine, be careful that your hands, clothes and other things are caught and injured. Operators with long hair should be rolled up, and the fluttering corners of clothing or other floating objects should be fixed to avoid being caught by the retractor and causing injury.

6. Before retracting or moving the telescopic machine, make sure that the brakes with brake casters have been released.

7. Use the stop bar part as a handle when moving the extender.

8. Damaged telescopic machine parts and components should be replaced in time.

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