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Teach you what is a screw conveyor and how to use it correctly

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-27
Screw conveyor. This is a specific type of conveyor. It is also a website product and keyword, so you need to have a correct understanding of it. You can understand very well what a screw conveyor is and how to use it correctly, so you can Have a good use effect and achieve the purpose of use. 1. What are the main components of the screw conveyor? What is the effect of the gap size? The screw conveyor can be divided into three parts: the main body of the conveyor, the inlet and outlet device and the driving device, and the main body of the conveyor also includes three parts: the head, the middle part and the tail. The pitch of the screw conveyor will directly affect the conveying of materials. If the filling factor of the conveyor is constant, when the pitch is different, the sliding surface of the material movement will change accordingly. However, if the filling factor of the conveyor is changed, the velocity distribution of the material will change. Therefore, when determining the pitch size, the appropriate value should be determined by the relationship between the spiral surface and the material friction and velocity distribution. 2. Product price range of GX tubular screw conveyor GX tubular screw conveyor is a specific type and type of screw conveyor. The product price ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. If the quality is good, it may reach 10,000 yuan. Moreover, it is an influencing factor such as product source, parameters, size, model and manufacturer. Therefore, when buying, you need to understand and compare in order to make the right choice. 3. How to improve the sealing performance of screw conveyor? In order to improve the tightness of the screw conveyor, the following measures can be taken: Measure 1: Install a pair of sealing rings inside the sleeve at the end of the conveyor, install a sealing ring on the sleeve at the end of the loading conveyor, and rotate together with the shaft to achieve Purpose and prevent material outflow. Measure 2: Extend the size of the sleeve at the end of the screw conveyor sealing packing, and increase the sealing performance of the conveyor by adding packing. Measure 3: Lubricate the shaft, packing contact surface and packing of the screw loading conveyor. Lubricating oil is generally required to improve the sealing performance of the screw conveyor.
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