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Teach you how to install and debug the vibrating electromagnetic feeder

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-11
2021-03-03 09:18:03 When installing the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, be sure to tighten the connection screw between the exciter and the trough. The grounding screw must be properly grounded. The motor uses a steel wire rope to hang on the strong part to reduce the motor slot Swing in the horizontal direction, the hanging boom in the width direction can be opened 10 degrees outwards, the installation of the tank body is inclined 10 degrees downwards, if it is used with an electronic control device, it must be installed horizontally during installation, and the horizontal state should be detected, otherwise When using the material, there will be deviations. The inclined chute is installed under the silo to reduce the pressure of the material on the chute. After the motor is installed, a certain space must be maintained around the chute. The distance between the iron core and the armature is adjusted to 2.8±0.5mm, and it can also be adjusted appropriately according to the specific use conditions. Pay attention to the adjustment not to be too large or too small. If it is too large, the current will increase the current and burn the coil. If it is too small, the iron The core and the armature will collide, causing damage to the iron core, armature core and other components. Generally, the current cannot exceed the rated value, the iron core and the armature must not collide, and the two should be parallel. To purchase electromagnetic vibrating feeders, disc feeders, screw conveyors, hoists, screening machinery and other products, please contact us. Users are welcome to come or call for consultation and cooperation.
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