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Talking about the safe operation process of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-02

The operation process of belt conveyor is a rigorous process,

The safety operation process is as follows:

1. The fixed loading conveyor should be installed according to the specified installation method on a fixed basis

. Before the mobile conveyor is officially running, the wheels should be wedged with triangular wood or braked with brakes. To avoid walking around at work,

When there are multiple conveyors operating in parallel, there should be a one-meter passage between machines and between machines and walls.

2. Use of conveyor

Before checking, whether all running parts, tape buckles and bearing devices are normal, and whether the protective equipment is complete. The tension of the tape must be

Adjust to the right level before starting.

3. The belt conveyor should be started with no load. Wait until the operation is normal before feeding. ban

Stop feeding before driving.

4. When there are several conveyors running in series, they should start from the discharge end and start sequentially. all positive

The material can be fed only after normal operation.

5. When the tape deviates during operation, it should be stopped and adjusted, and should not be used reluctantly.

So as not to wear the edge and increase the load.

6. The temperature of the working environment and the material being sent shall not be higher than 50℃ and lower than -10℃.

7. Pedestrians or passengers are prohibited on the conveyor belt.

8. Before stopping, the feeding must be stopped, and the material on the belt must be unloaded.

Parking available.

9. The motor of the conveyor must be well insulated. Do not pull and drag the cable of the mobile conveyor, the motor

Reliable grounding.

10. When the belt slips, it is strictly forbidden to pull the belt by hand to avoid accidents.

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