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Talking about the repair and maintenance of double-speed chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-11

The author introduces the basic maintenance and maintenance knowledge of the speed chain for the majority of users of the speed chain.


Primary maintenance.
Routine maintenance is mainly completed by post workers and is carried out every day.
Every day

Check whether there are materials, tools, and sundries stacked on the chain loading conveyor line before starting work. Whether there are sundries stuck on the chain will affect the normal operation.

Operation; observe whether the electrical control part is burnt, and whether the emergency stop button is in the position that allows start-up; work on the above

Only after the completion, can start the trial start one or two times, and then start the work normally;
Every day before get off work and after shutdown

, remove all kinds of waste residues left by the work of the day in each working area of u200bu200bthe chain loading conveyor line, especially do not use materials, tools or waste

The slag falls into the chain, so as not to affect the normal operation, damage and other accidents.

Second, deep maintenance

Secondary maintenance should be carried out by special personnel (special class) on a regular basis, usually once every two to four weeks according to the frequency of starting up.
Check the main transmission parts of the chain loading conveyor line, such as sprockets, tensioning devices, chain buckles, etc. for loose

Move, shift or disengage, whether the chain plate is bent or dented, if so, it should be adjusted and tightened in time;

Check with all supporting special planes to see if there is any looseness and abnormal condition, if found, deal with it in time;

Check the switch, electric eye and its feet, whether there is looseness or deviation, whether the conductive wheel is skewed or damaged, if found, correct it in time

Positive; check whether the movement of each moving element is strong and stable, whether the response time is normal, whether there is obvious noise, abnormal sound and vibration,

If the pneumatic components and pipelines are leaking or loose, make corrections; check whether each running track is bent or deformed, and each handrail, support

Whether the connecting screws of the frame and other components are loose, and whether the chain is loose, make adjustments; check the tension of the chain conveyor line, such as

If it is too loose, adjust the chain tensioning device at the tail to ensure proper chain tension.

3. Lubrication equipment

Maintaining good lubrication of mechanical moving parts is the basic premise to ensure the good operation and normal life of the equipment.

Add grease (butter) or lubricating oil to the following moving parts every week: machine head drive (drive) chain, sprocket——

Grease seat bearing——lubricating oil transmission chain and sprocket——lubrication and maintenance of lubricating grease reducer——maintenance according to the use of reducer

Maintenance manual for maintenance, refueling and lubrication.
I believe that doing these things will definitely reduce the double-speed chain flow

The wear rate of the line equipment, prolong the service life, thereby reducing the production cost of the enterprise.

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