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Talking about the overview and daily maintenance of the drive roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-03

Professional production and sales of roller conveyor manufacturers YiFan author will discuss with you the overview and daily maintenance of drive roller conveyors.
The inner station at both ends of the drive roller conveyor adopts precision

Made of bearings, it can extend the fuselage and use stretchable components as frame conveying equipment. Drive Roller as High Efficiency

, high reliability and simple structure conveying equipment is widely used in various industries for finished products, sorting and material conveying online operations,

It is also commonly called by us as drive roller conveyor conveyor line, drive roller conveyor assembly line.

Material of drive roller loading conveyor

A variety of choices are also available in carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The body of the drive roller conveyor can be free

Transformation, suitable for mobile unpowered conveyors that need to be arranged flexibly. Widely used in finished product packaging boxes, turnover in various industries

The transportation of boxes has the characteristics of low cost, simple structure, maintenance and strong transportation capacity.

Drive Roller

The damage degree and maintenance of each part of the conveyor must be checked during long-term operation, so as to bring better benefits to the enterprise.

Greater economic benefits. The author of Yuyin takes you to understand the daily maintenance of the drive roller loading conveyor as follows:

Pipeline transmission

Before the roller conveyor is used, it is necessary to check whether the power supply line of the workshop and its power supply voltage and frequency are in line with the assembly line drive roller

Drum Equipment Requirements. Always check whether the connecting parts of each wire of the assembly line drive roller conveyor are connected well.

There is no rust or damage. Regularly check whether the fasteners of the assembly line drive roller conveyor are loose, and the internal

Are there any other sounds.

Before the assembly line drives the roller conveyor motor, it is necessary to check whether its reducer has Cheered up. to convection

The conveyor belt of the waterline drive roller conveyor should be adjusted properly to make it tight and loose. Each time the assembly line drives the roller conveyor

After finishing, clean the surrounding debris to ensure the clean and dry of the assembly line drive roller conveyor. Pass in the pipeline

When the moving roller conveyor is working, it is strictly forbidden to put paper scraps, cloth pieces and other non-assembled items on the line to ensure that the assembly line drives the rollers to convey

The machine runs safely and reliably. Check the cleaning bearings and bearing seats of the assembly line drive roller conveyor every year.

If it is damaged and unsuitable for use, it should be repaired or replaced immediately, and grease should be added. Ningbo YiFan is first class

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