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Talking about the form and characteristics of the transfer device of the double-chain roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-20
Double-chain roller loading conveyor transfer equipment (hereinafter referred to as transfer equipment) is widely used in various production lines and other storage and transportation systems. Its function is to reprint by power machinery instead of by manpower, and transfer the conveyed objects from a main double-chain roller conveyor to another nearby conveyor. As a large-scale application of auxiliary function equipment, reprinting equipment is also constantly being updated richly. This article introduces several structural methods of reprinting equipment for reference in system design. Hope to help everyone.  The structure and characteristics of the reprinting equipment   From the structure of the reprinting equipment and the relationship with the double-chain roller conveyor equipment, the reprinting equipment can be divided into independent equipment type and integral type.  Independent equipment-type reprinting equipment  This is an additional equipment on the double-chain roller conveyor or close to the conveyor. The equipment method is simple and the cost is low. This type of reprinting equipment includes three general methods.  ①The side push rod reproduced equipment, which mainly pushes the conveyed object 1 by operating the reciprocating electric push rod 2 (or air cylinder, hydraulic cylinder), so that it leaves the main conveyor 3 and enters the adjacent branch loading conveyor 4. The push rod reprinting equipment has a simple structure and convenient equipment. Because its working method is to move from the side of the object, its equipment orientation depends on the running direction of the adjacent loading conveyor, and usually the equipment is beside the main conveyor, requiring only a small amount of space on the ground. The disadvantage is that it directly pushes the object from the side into the nearby conveyor at a 90-turn angle to the main conveyor. It is only suitable for objects to be turned at right angles, and is not suitable for objects that are fragile and afraid of kneading. This kind of reprinting equipment is suitable for conveying a variety of objects with large changes in external dimensions or weight scale. ②The configuration of the overhead sweeping reprinting equipment is shown in Figure 2. The working mode is similar to the push rod reprinting equipment. The only kind of reprinting equipment is the equipment above the double-chain roller conveyor, which is commonly called the overhead sweeper, using air cylinders. Or the hydraulic cylinder reciprocates laterally above the main conveyor 3, driving the scraper to move the object 1 laterally away from the main conveyor. It can transfer the conveyed objects from the arbitrary side to the nearby conveyor 4. This kind of transfer equipment only occupies a small space above the main conveyor, and does not occupy the upper position of the ground. The scale of its conveying objects is the same as the aforementioned push rod type reprinting equipment.  ③Rotary arm transfer equipment    This is a simple mechanical transfer equipment configuration as shown in Figure 3, the rotating arm 2 can be rotated above the main conveyor 3. When in the transfer position, the object on the double-chain roller conveyor can be blocked to change the direction of rotation to enter the nearby branch conveyor 4, or the rotating arm 2 can be allowed to open the channel on the main conveyor to continue the conveyed object Stay on the main conveyor and move forward. In order to reduce the frictional resistance of the rotating arm obstructing the object, the operation of installing the rotating arm of the guide roller on the contact side can be done manually, and more often by means of air cylinders or hydraulic cylinders. This kind of transfer equipment can ensure that the object does not change the direction of rotation after it is turned to the nearby conveyor, which is very important for occasions where the orientation of the object must be maintained. This kind of reprinting equipment is only suitable for objects that have a better orientation to the side.
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