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Talking about the common fault knowledge of various stainless steel conveyors?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-02-03
Talking about the common fault knowledge of various stainless steel conveyors

Stainless steel conveyors should be no surprise to us, but since now, our learning level is still unqualified, because there is a certain gap. Therefore, in the next time, I will expand the knowledge explanation in this area again, in order to let everyone have a new harvest, and then, to promote the understanding and understanding of this product.

1. The stainless steel conveyor suddenly stopped rotating when it was working stably. So, what caused it?

In this case, for Zongteng, a manufacturer of stainless steel conveyors, there are several reasons, which are exactly as follows:

Reason 1: The conveying volume of the material is so small that the material cannot successfully pass through the hanging bearing on the conveyor, thus, blockage occurs, or the motor voltage is too low.

Reason 2: There is a problem with the bearing in the reducer, for example, the temperature of the bearing is very low, the bearing is damaged, etc., all of which will cause the above problems.

2. Double helix stainless steel loading conveyor, what kind of loading conveyor is it?

The double-screw stainless steel conveyor is one of the stainless steel conveyors, so, from a certain point of view, it refers to a mechanism that transports materials through double-screw shafts. Therefore, its working principle can be believed to be that the work of material transportation is completed through the rotating spiral blades.

3. The belt conveyor can be opened and closed, which is opposite to the general belt loading conveyor. Is it the same as the working principle?

The belt conveyor that can be opened and closed, compared with the general belt conveyor, is based on the working principle. It is a time-lapse transportation device that uses the belt as a traction carrier. But, these two are structurally different, because the former will be higher than the latter remaining some devices, such as tape storage device, retractable adhesive tape device etc.

There are various types of conveyors, so some exact types are involved in the following questions, but these are all within the scope of our study. Therefore, as long as everyone takes it seriously and unfolds it, they will be able to grasp it immediately and apply it properly, and then increase their knowledge in this area.

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