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Talking about the common fault knowledge of many different conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-19
Talking about the common fault knowledge of many different conveyors.      conveyors should be no surprise to everyone. However, as of now, everyone's learning level is still unqualified, due to a certain gap. Therefore, in the next time, I will explain the knowledge in this area again, in order to let everyone have a new harvest, and then to promote the knowledge and understanding of the product. 1. The loading conveyor suddenly stopped rotating when it was working stably. Then, what caused it?    For the conveyor manufacturer Zongteng, there are several reasons for it. What exactly is it: Reason 1: The conveying volume of the material is so small that the material will never successfully pass through the hanging bearing on the conveyor, so that blockage occurs, or the motor voltage is too small.   Reason 2: The bearing in the reducer has a problem, such as the bearing temperature is very low, the bearing is damaged, etc., all of which will cause the above problems. 2. Double screw conveyor, what kind of conveyor is it?    Double screw conveyor is one of the conveyors. So, from a certain point of view, it refers to the transmission through the double screw shaft. A mechanism for transporting materials. Therefore, its working principle is believed to be that the material is transported through the rotating spiral blades. 3. The opening and closing belt conveyor, which is opposite to the general belt loading conveyor, is the working principle the same?    The opening and closing belt loading conveyor, when compared with the general belt conveyor, it is in the working principle Above, it is like that, all using the tape as a kind of time-lapse transportation equipment to pull the load-bearing machine. However, these two are different in structure, because the former is higher than the latter and some other devices, such as tape storage devices, tape retracting devices, and so on.   There are many types of conveyors, so in the following questions, some exact types are involved, but these are all within the scope of our study. Therefore, as long as you take it seriously and expand, you can immediately control and apply it appropriately, and furthermore, you can increase your own knowledge in this area.
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