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Talk about the daily use and maintenance of the conveyor assembly line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-12

The daily maintenance of the industrial conveyor assembly line can not only reduce the occurrence of machine failures, but also improve its work efficiency

Rate and service life, what matters should be paid attention to in the daily use and maintenance of the conveyor assembly line? It will be explained by YiFan, a conveyor line manufacturer in Ningbo, as follows:

1. Before the loading conveyor line is used , it is necessary to check the supply of the workshop

Whether the electrical circuit and its power supply voltage and frequency meet the requirements of the conveyor line equipment.

2. Always check the conveyor

Whether the connecting parts of the wires of the assembly line are connected well, and whether there is rust or damage.

3. Regularly check whether the fasteners of the conveyor line are loose and whether there are other sounds inside.

4. Before the motor of the conveyor assembly line

, to check whether the reducer has been refueled.

5, to carry out the conveyor belt

Appropriate adjustment to make it tight and loose.

6. After each loading conveyor line is finished, clean the surrounding debris.

Material, to ensure the clean and dry conveyor line.

7. When the conveyor assembly line is working, it is strictly forbidden to scrap paper,

Non-assembled items such as cloth pieces are brought online to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the conveyor assembly line.

8. Check the delivery every year

If the cleaning bearing and bearing seat of the machine assembly line are found to be damaged and unsuitable for use, they should be repaired or replaced immediately, and lubricated


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