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Talk about the choice of the output mode of the roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-13

The power roller conveyor itself has a driving device, and the roller rotates in an active state, which can strictly control the running state of the items, and transport the items accurately, smoothly and reliably at the specified speed, which is convenient to realize the automatic control of the conveying process; no movement The roller conveyor itself has no driving device, and the rotation of the roller is in a passive state, and the items are moved by manpower, gravity or external push-pull devices. According to the layout, it is divided into two types: horizontal and inclined. Horizontal arrangement: rely on manual or external push-pull device to move. Human push is used for occasions with small weight, short conveying distance and infrequent work. Inclined arrangement: relying on the gravity of the items for gravity conveying, the structure is simple, economical and practical, but it is not easy to control the running state of the items, and the items are prone to collision, and it is not suitable to transport fragile items. It is suitable for short-distance transportation between processes and the transportation of gravity-type high-bay warehouses.

In addition to the conveying performance of the general power roller conveyor, the accumulation and release roller conveyor In addition, it also allows items to stop and accumulate on the roller loading conveyor under the condition that the drive is running as usual, and the running resistance does not increase significantly, which is suitable for the section of the roller conveyor line that requires temporary stopping and accumulation of items. There are two types of commonly used accumulation and release roller conveyors: limited force type and contact point control type. Therefore, the output form with a power system should be selected according to the requirements of use. Selection of transmission mode of roller conveyor.

Chain drive, large carrying capacity, good versatility, convenient layout, good for the environment It has strong adaptability and can work in places with frequent contact with oil, water and high temperature. It is the most commonly used power roller conveyor. The chain is easy to wear when working in a dusty environment, and the noise is louder when running at high speed. The chain drive arrangement can be either a continuous chain structure or a roller-to-roller chain drive. The shaft of the fixed-axis roller loading conveyor rotates around the fixed axis, the rotating part of the roller is light in weight, the running resistance is small, and the overall assembly between the roller and the frame is good, and it is a general roller support form. The roller of the rotating shaft roller conveyor rotates with the shaft, and the rotating shaft is supported by the bearing structure fixed at both ends. The shaft roller is easy to install, adjust and disassemble. It is mostly used in occasions with heavy loads and high running accuracy requirements, and the cost is higher than that of the fixed-axis type. The quality of the goods is too large, so choose a rotary drum.

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