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Talk about the characteristics of the miniature electric roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-13

Today, the author of YiFan, a professional manufacturer of electric roller conveyors, will tell you about the characteristics of miniature electric roller conveyors.

1. Built-in high-efficiency NdFeB permanent magnet synchronous motor
High-efficiency NdFeB

Permanent magnet synchronous motor has higher conversion efficiency than conventional AC motor. Under the same load, it can save energy than conventional AC motor.

Save 32% of electric energy; under no-load condition, save up to 47% of electric energy. Due to the use of high-efficiency NdFeB permanent magnets, more

High torque, and the temperature rise of the motor is reduced. In the case of constant torque, the stepless speed regulation range reaches 65%.

2. Safe working voltage
The built-in motor adopts a safe working voltage, no contact

Electrical danger, the operator is working under a safe voltage. Due to the low operating voltage, the reliability of the motor is enhanced,

For some special occasions, such as electric roller conveyors that require washing, and diving work, install

Full working voltage is the best choice.

3. Single-phase 220V stepless speed regulation drive type intelligent driver
The driver provides three modes: panel button control, switch signal control and 0-5V analog signal control.

Can be directly connected to the computer, bar code reader, infrared detection and other advanced control transmission occasions. Photoelectric digital tube can be directly

View shows the motor speed.

4. Durable metal gears.
Internal reduction gear adopts

Planetary gear structure, all gears are steel, including ring gear, high hardness and high wear resistance ensure the electric roller loading conveyor


5. Regardless of continuous operation, intermittent operation, or even frequent start and stop, it can be easily handled.
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