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Talk about the application of end cover of roller conveyor accessories

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-13

There is a gap between the rollers of the roller conveyor. When conveying bulk materials, it must be

The work can be completed only by carrying the material on the pallet. With the current food industry production line equipment is gradually moving towards

With the development of maturation and diversification, in order to meet the needs of various industries, the food roller loading conveyor makes its accessories more and more diversified

, the application is becoming more and more common.

Roller AccessoriesRoller conveyor end caps are one of many conveyor accessories

, mainly on the port face or left port face at the left and right ends of the surface of the roller conveyor, it is installed on the roller conveyor motor

A back cover behind the casing of a machine, etc., is usually called an end cover. The main purpose of the end cover of the roller conveyor

It is the function of dustproof and sealing, as well as transmitting torque and buffering, so it can protect food materials during the transportation process.

Maintain the hygiene of materials. The end cover of the roller conveyor is provided between the motor and the headstock of the lathe, in addition to its own

In addition to some anti- and sealing features, it can also make the rotation of the spindle box operate smoothly, and it can also be used with other seals.

The sealing parts are used together to achieve better sealing performance. The roller conveyor is integrated with the end cover, which makes the roller conveyor
The surface of the
is added with anti-skid teeth, the roller loading conveyor is fixed on the drive shaft through the end cover, and the drive shaft is installed through the shaft hole on the housing

On the bearing seat, so as to better combine the bearing seat and the housing into a whole.

Roller End

The quality of the cover will directly affect the operation of the roller loading conveyor equipment. A good roller conveyor end cover is the most important

The healthy part mainly comes from its heart, the electric brush, its function is to drive the rotor of the roller conveyor to rotate, which can

In order to play the role of axial positioning of the outer ring of the bearing, the end cover of the roller conveyor is mainly composed of the cover body, the bearing and the electric brush.

Success. If the brush is too high, it will touch the varistor of the motor, and if it is too low, it will touch the white washer of the roller conveyor, such as

If it is too short, the rotor of the roller conveyor cannot be touched, so that the rotor of the roller conveyor cannot be operated; if the brush is divided

Fork, it will make the current unstable, of course, it cannot be bent, because it will cause abnormal current, and the electric current of the end cover of the roller conveyor will be

The brushes are very crisp and tender, and inadvertent pins will cause bifurcation and bending of the brushes, which will affect the motor of the roller conveyor.


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