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Suspended chain mobile conveyor is the inevitable development of technology

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-28
Suspended chain mobile conveyors are widely used in mass production operations in machinery, automobiles, electronics, household appliances, light industry, food, and chemical industries. In the process of conveying the workpiece, the air multi-point output is adopted, and the conveying speed can be adjusted, which is very conducive to mechanical assembly and other operations. It is currently a kind of conveying product used by domestic enterprises. The application is also different from other types of conveyors. The adjustability of the suspension chain mobile conveyor makes it have a wide range of applications. Today we will briefly understand the suspension chain mobile conveyor, and take a look at its main classification and various categories. The difference and connection. Classification of suspended chain mobile conveyors ① Lifting suspended chain mobile conveyors: namely ordinary suspension chain mobile conveyors, elevated tracks, traction chains, transportation spreaders, redirection means, driving devices, tensioning devices and safety devices. The overhead track forms a closed loop and runs on the carriage. Equally spaced coupling of the drag chain on the carriage. The horizontal, vertical or inclined redirection device of the zipper strip constitutes the same closed loop as the overhead track line. The spreader carries items with a hinged carriage. According to the length of the transmission line, the drive device can be set or a single drive device. The length of the single-drive transmission line can reach about 500 meters. Multi-drive transmission lines can be longer, but need to maintain synchronization between the drive units. There is a catcher on the overhead track of the inclined part. Once the drag chain is broken, the catcher will block the carriage to prevent the items from falling. The lift-type suspension chain mobile loading conveyor cannot transfer items from one conveying line to another. ② Push-type suspension chain mobile conveyor: it can transfer items from one conveying line to another. The structure and the difference on the conveyor are: equipped in the direction of the conveyor line, there are two overhead tracks underneath; in addition to the carriage, there are trailers (short films) that are connected to the drag chain and run along the upper track; the trailer relies on the carriage The lower pushing head is pushed to run on the lower track without being connected to the carriage; the line consists of the main line, the auxiliary line, part of the switch and the lifting section and so on. If the pusher and trailer are combined or disengaged from the plug, please operate the trailer, stop or turn from one line to the other through the switch. The lifting section can turn the trailer from one storey height to another storey-height track. The trailer increases the front bar, the lever system composed of the tail plate and the stopper, etc., becomes an accumulation trailer. Accumulation trailers are used for accumulative push-type suspension conveyors. The product of the trailer, the release process is: when approaching the predetermined position of the off-hand trailer line, the front rod of the trailer is lifted by the contact of the stopper there, and then the drip plug is disengaged from the pusher, and the trailer stops moving; the next trailer arrives. Later, its front pole was lifted by the tail plate of the stopped trailer, and it also descended to jam the parking lot. Each trailer is also succeeded by parking in turn, forming a suspension space warehouse. When the trailer is released, stop the contact to avoid the stopper rising immediately following the decline of the extreme trailer, and the secondary line keeps moving the transport pusher to reorganize and the block leaves the trailer to operate. After this trailer drove out, the front rod of the next trailer dropped and was pushed to the stop by the following pusher. At this point, the stop contact had been restored to its original position. After the trailer was released and contacted, the front rod stop. Correspondingly, subsequent trailers also stop forward in turn. Due to the application of main line, auxiliary line, and logic control, several production processes with different rhythms can be formed into a compound rhythmic production system to realize the distribution of water production and automation.  ③ Drag type suspension chain mobile loading conveyor: It is different from the lift type in that the suspended spreader is changed to a trolley running on the ground.  Understanding the performance characteristics of these different types is very helpful for us to understand their respective use in different industries. We also hope that the content we summarized will help you in the process of choosing a conveyor. We will continue to improve and provide you with greater help.
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