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Structural features and advantages of climbing belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-17
The climbing belt conveyor is a loading conveyor that uses the retaining strip and skirt belt as the carrier, and uses stainless steel as the complete machine frame. It can lift materials and objects to any height to meet customer requirements. The climbing belt conveyor is suitable for continuous conveying of goods between height differences. Climbing belt conveyor with small inclination angle (≤30°). It has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast conveying, low noise and uninterrupted. The speed and height of the belt conveyor and the left and right movement can be adjusted. The climbing belt conveyor can load and unload materials according to the requirements, can raise and lower the height, can be used alone or combined with other conveyors, can withstand high temperature, corrosion, and non-slip. Such as food, injection molded parts, powder and various parts industry climbing belt conveyors have been effectively used. The climbing belt conveyor effectively solves the transportation of goods between the upper and lower floors, slope terrain, flyovers and other planes with height differences. In some cases, it can be used instead of a lift. In order to prevent the objects from rolling off due to gravity when the equipment is transporting granular objects, a baffle can be added at intervals. The climbing belt conveyor is especially suitable for the transportation of small materials. The skirt climbing belt loading conveyor can adopt nylon machined rollers by adding lifting baffles, skirts and other accessories on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt runs smoothly and can meet the lifting process requirements of particulate matter and powder. More Belt Conveyors: Turning Belt Climbing Belt Knife Edge Belt
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