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Steel cord belt conveyor belt use advantages

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-11
Common belt conveyor belt conveyor belt and steel cable core adhesive tape, relatively speaking, the steel cable core adhesive tape is better than ordinary adhesive tape. Below we introduce belt conveyor use the advantages of steel cord belt. Steel wire core belt conveyor belt compared with ordinary with the following advantages: one, the intensity is high. Because of the high strength, can make one conveyor length increases a lot. The current domestic steel wire core belt conveyor 1 length of several kilometers, a few tens of kilometers. Small elongation elongation of steel wire core belt is about one over ten of the canvas belt elongation, so high longitudinal elastic tension device. Such a tension travel faster, when starting and braking won't appear surge phenomenon. Second, into a good groove. Because the steel rope is along the conveyor belt longitudinal arrangement, and only one layer, and the roller joint closely, can form a larger groove Angle. Groove Angle steel wire core belt conveyor in recent years most of 35 o, such not only can increase capacity, but also can prevent the conveyor belt running deviation. Three, good impact resistance and fatigue resistance, long service life. Due to the steel rope is a very fine wire twisting ChengGangSheng belt core, its bending fatigue and impact resistance is very good. Four, after damage is easy to repair, once appear damaged, steel rope core conveyer belt broken almost no longer expanding, quite easy to repair. Instead, canvas belt after injury, due to reasons such as water and cause. Lower the canvas belt strength. Five, the joint long service life. This kind of conveyor belt with vulcanizates, joint life is very long, more than 10 years of experience has shown that some joint use has not been damaged. Six, conveyor roller is small. Steel wire core belt because of steel cord belt core is a single layer, bending fatigue mild, allow the drum diameter ratio in canvas conveyor belt.
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