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Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-09-02
Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Stainless Steel Mesh Belt 1. The frame of this model can be made of stainless steel and aluminum profiles. The chain plate can be selected according to the needs of the chain plate of corresponding material and width. Refer to the conveying product-flat chain to select the model. 2. Choose different forms of flat chain to realize various functions such as flat conveying, flat turning, lifting and lowering. 3. The motor can be installed under the frame or on the frame as required. 4. The speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion or stepless speed reduction motor. 5. The conveyor can be equipped with side baffles and control station units are installed on both sides to realize the automation function of the conveying process. 6. When making an inquiry, please provide detailed material name, size and requirements of the machine material, size, speed, conveying volume requirements, etc.
The working principle and production process of stainless steel chain conveyor
The working principle and production process of the stainless steel chain loading conveyor belt is a friction drive mechanical accessory that transports materials in a continuous manner. Nowadays, domestic production technology has gradually matured. Food industry enterprises can choose chain plates according to the materials they produce and the choice of food conveyors. Lingxian Sunshine Transportation Equipment provides high-quality chain conveyors for every user based on the principle of customer first and quality first.
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