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Stainless steel chain plate conveyor application in light industry and maintenance

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-10
With the rapid development of industrial production, transportation equipment not only plays an important role in heavy industries such as coal, and also plays an important role in light industry processing. Stainless steel chain scraper conveyor is one of the commonly used transportation equipment. Stainless steel chain conveyor chain plate as a conveyor belt is used for graphic driving movement of the conveyer, in order to achieve the purpose of the production process. In light manufacturing, chain plate conveyor line usually USES the combination form, the station number can be set according to the technological requirements. In light industry, usually using light chain conveyor installation. It has a very flexible forms of transportation, can fully effective use of space, can be designed to separate for the use of various types, and can be easily matched with other conveying equipment. Light chain conveyer's main features are: 1. High transmission efficiency, material flow in the chain conveyor machinery slots. Therefore, smaller space can transport a large number of materials, machine and equipment of the external size smaller accordingly. 2. Low energy consumption, machinery through the static friction force of material transportation, conveyor chain and casing in a state of rolling friction. Equal in throughput and the long-distance transportation conditions, a native of energy consumption about 50% lower than the screw conveyor of the energy consumption. 3. On the failure rate is low, conveyor chain roller rolling on the guide rail, conveyor chain and there is no friction between the shell. The chain is made by the heat treatment of steel. Its normal service life is about 3 years, and in the process of running a very low failure rate. The characteristics of chain conveyor determines its widespread use, so in actual production application, chain conveyor maintenance is also very important, you need to do the following: 1. Regular inspection and maintenance. Often observe the operation of each part, check the location of the connecting bolts, loose and tighten them. Is not permitted in the conveyor cleaning and maintenance of conveyor running parts. 2. Add lubricating oil regularly. Due to the long run, friction between components is very serious. Should be regularly to add grease and other lubricants chain conveyor. 3. Clean up the foreign body in a timely manner. In order to ensure the smooth operation, transmission box should clear in time the scattered materials. Above, we know the chain plate conveyer on the application and maintenance of light industries, to ensure the smooth production of enterprises, improve the production efficiency, improve the service life of the conveyor equipment plays an important role.
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