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Stainless steel bucket elevator

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-04

common classification bucket elevator, as a commonly used lifting equipment, widely used at the same time, according to the different requirements of different industries also has a very clear classification, according to the transmission structure can be divided into [ 3] :
1, TD series bucket elevator
the specifications have TD100 ( Not commonly used) , TD160, TD250, TD315, TD400, TD500, TD630, TD800, TD1000 models, including TD160, TD250, TD315 model for the widely used model
2, TH series bucket elevator
TH series bucket elevator is a commonly used lifting equipment, the series bucket elevator forged ring chain as the driving part, has a strong mechanical strength, it is mainly used for hoist powder and small particles and small block material, different from TD series bucket elevator, the quantity is larger, more efficient operation. The materials used to a bigger improvement.
3, a series of NE plate chain bucket elevator
series of NE plate chain bucket elevator is a new type of bucket elevator, it USES the plate chain, different from the old models TB series plate chain bucket elevator, named after its naming USES lifting capacity, rather than fight wide. Such as NE150 refers to the lifting capacity of 150 tons a sometimes not fight 150 wide. NE series bucket elevator has a high efficiency of elevator, according to the speed of different points are also NSE model and high-speed plate chain bucket elevator. Working principle of the

the material from the storage hopper scooped up, with the conveyor belt or chain ascend to the top, flip down after bypass the crown chakra, bucket elevator poured material into receiving groove. The belt bucket elevator belt usually use rubber band, the next or up and down the drive roller and the redirection the roller. Chain bucket elevator are generally equipped with two parallel transmission chain, or there are a pair of sprocket, under, or above is a pair of redirection sprocket. Bucket elevator is generally equipped with chassis, to prevent the dust float in the sky in the bucket elevator.
bucket elevator: suitable for low to high, supply of materials through the shaking table into hopper machine automatic continuous operation up after delivery.

vertical hoist bucket elevator hoist design enhance the pause type hoist cement concrete elevator elevator elevator powder feed hoister sawdust hoist sand elevator elevator rice hoist corn flour elevator elevator design hoist drawing hoist price stainless steel elevator on the elevator and multi-functional machine screw feeder bucket, bue to ascend machine has high hoisting height, stable and reliable operation, long service life significant advantages of hoist is suitable for all kinds of powder, fine and coarse grain of vertical transmission. Can be widely used in feed, flour, food, chemical industries such as coal, cement, stone, sand, clay and ore, etc. General transmission of up to 80 meters high.

installation requirements
1, bucket elevator, must be firmly installed in a solid concrete foundation. Concrete foundation surface should be smooth, and the level status, ensure the bucket elevator
bucket elevator
bucket elevator
after installation to fulfill the requirements of the vertical.
height higher bucket elevator in the proper position of casing and upper casing should with the neighboring buildings ( Such as bin, workshop, etc. ) Together in order to increase its stability. When installation to install the lower parts, fixed anchor bolt, and then install central casing, after installed the chassis. Casing installation is successful, the perpendicularity of the correction. In overall height measured with lead straight up and down, the error should be less than 10 mm. Up and down the shaft should be parallel to the axis should be in the same plane.
height lower bucket elevator installation, can be in the ground plane under the chassis, which all connections and is at the right moment, and then the whole hanging straight fixed on the basis of concrete. After installation of
2, chassis, installation of chain and hopper. Hopper link with U screw, both chain joint, and fixed a hopper. U screw nut must be tightened and reliable locking.
3, chains and hopper after installation, proper tension.
4, reducer and bearing seat respectively add appropriate amount of oil or butter. Reducer with industrial gear oil lubrication. Bearing seat with calcium base or sodium based in butter.
5, test run, which should be empty test run after the installation is complete. Idle running should be paid attention to: cannot put back the clock, not knock against. Idle running is not less than 2 hours, should not have overheating, bearing temperature rise not to exceed 250 c, reducer temperature rise of less than 300 c. Idle running two hours later, everything was normal load test can be achieved. Load test run feeding should be evenly, avoiding excessive feeding, blocking the lower 'stuffy car'.
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