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Spiral unloader price is favorable, buy as soon as possible

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-18
2018-11-26 17:24:45    'Lightweight and convenient' is synonymous with the current fast-paced era. The screw unloader exactly meets the characteristics, with simple structure design, small size, less investment, high quality, more durability, and longevity Long and easy to operate, it is a better partner for the cement production line. At present, the price of this equipment is in a preferential promotion. Friends who are interested in buying can buy it as soon as possible! 1. Screw unloader model parameter introduction Screw unloader, also called auger loading conveyor, the equipment model is complete and can also be customized according to customer needs, the following specifically introduces the parameters of the screw unloader 2. Screw unloading What are the outstanding features of the feeder? 1. High-efficiency conveying: The spiral design of small diameter, high speed, and variable pitch ensures that the product is fed smoothly, quickly and evenly during the working process. 2. Arbitrary arrangement: The outer shell of the loading conveyor is made of high-quality seamless steel pipes connected by flanges as a whole. The overall rigidity is good. It can be continuously conveyed whether it is horizontal or large inclination, and it can be directly connected and fixed with its supporting equipment. No foundation is needed, space is fully utilized, and it is very convenient to move and disassemble.  3. Reliable seal: The lubrication seal is reliable and has no leakage, there is no waste of materials, and it creates a good working environment.  4. Diversified connections: the inlet and outlet can be connected by universal joints, cloth bags, flanges, and can also be combined with butterfly valves and plug-in valves produced by our factory.  5. Innovative design: Advanced and reasonable design, combined with advanced manufacturing technology and perfect quality assurance system, make it have significant advantages such as small size, large load-bearing torque, low noise, and no oil leakage. Customer feedback: We have cooperated with vibrating machinery manufacturers for 4 times. The screw unloader we purchased this time, regardless of the use method or the work effect, has made us very satisfied. Through its transportation, it saves time and labor, saves labor, and the market The price is higher and the economic value is more impressive!   Your pockets are bulging, choose a screw unloader, so you can make small investment and make a lot of money! As an old-brand mineral processing equipment manufacturer, to provide users with high cost-effective and preferential price screw unloaders is the way for machinery to survive. Friends who are interested in equipment are welcome to consult for free as soon as possible.
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