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Some key points of daily use of chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-26
Chain conveyors are used for industrial product transportation or food transportation. For chain conveyors, different widths can be selected. For the quality of the conveyor chain, the manufacturer of the product quality should be selected. These two aspects are more important than the user's service life and quality. The efficiency of the chain loading conveyor is not only related to the quality of the product, but also closely related to the maintenance of the daily use of the user. Here is a professional manufacturer of machinery for you to sum up some key points of the daily use of the chain conveyor, hoping to help users improve Good to improve work efficiency. The shape of the chain plate is effectively combined, and the conveying technology of the chain plate conveyor is freely set, and the conveying plane conveyor and the plate chain conveyor complete a turn and the transmission angle; regularly check the lubrication of the chain plate conveyor and the needs of regular refueling equipment; The equipment must be checked frequently for loose bolts, and the motor must not exceed the rated current and the ambient temperature where the bearing temperature rises. It should be shut down for inspection; replace the new oil after 7-14 days and replace the running conveyor chain plate every 3-6 months. Is there enough attention to the chain conveyor? Has the efficiency of the chain loading conveyor improved? For more professional knowledge of chain conveyor, please continue to pay attention to this website.
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