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Some applications for the bidirectional conveying function of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-14
Belt conveyors, also known as belt assembly lines, can be used for horizontal or inclined transportation and are very convenient to use. The chain conveyor is a transmission device that uses standard chain plates as the bearing surface and is driven by a motor reducer. The chain conveyor is composed of power unit (motor), drive shaft, roller, tensioning device, sprockets, chains, bearings, lubricants, chain plates, etc., and is widely used in various modern industrial enterprises. The belt conveyor can be used for horizontal or inclined transportation and is very convenient to use. According to the requirements of the conveying process, one-time conveying can be carried out, or the horizontal or inclined conveying system can be combined with other conveying equipment to form multiple conveying systems to meet the needs of different layouts of operating lines. After years of development, according to the characteristics of the material and the needs of the actual process, the large inclination belt loading conveyor, the rotary belt conveyor, and the tubular belt conveyor are derived from the belt conveyor. In practical applications, the capital construction investment is reduced. Good economic benefits have been achieved. Due to its flexible conveying characteristics, the two-way belt conveyor is different from the ordinary belt conveyor in that it is equipped with a turning device to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects. For conveyor belts, there should generally be a certain thickness of the covering layer, so that the core layer will not be exposed due to the wear of the covering layer during the service cycle, and the material will generally run on the upper cover. Logistics conveyor belt belt with traction parts The conveyor belt generally includes: traction parts, load-bearing members, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirecting devices and supports. The traction parts are used to transmit traction, which can be conveyor belts, traction chains or steel wire ropes; the load-bearing components are used to carry materials, including hoppers, brackets or spreaders, etc.; the driving device powers the conveyor, usually by electric motors, reducers and Brake (stop) and other components; tensioning devices generally have two types of screw type and heavy hammer type, which can maintain a certain tension and sag of the traction member to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt; the support member is used to support the traction member or load As components, rollers, rollers, etc. can be used. The upper and lower coverage ratios should not be three to one, but the steel cord conveyor belt is not subject to this limitation. The timing of the conveying is to bury the monitoring and protection elements such as winding and other monitoring and protection elements in the appropriate positions of the covering layer. Therefore, if the upper and lower belt surfaces of the belt conveyor convey materials at the same time, a belt turning device must be added to ensure that the material is always in contact with the same side of the belt, reduce the wear of the material on the belt, and ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor. When the upper and lower belt surfaces of the belt conveyor carry materials at the same time, if the belt turning device is not added, when the belt cleaning machine fails or the cleaning effect is not obvious, the material fragments attached to the conveyor belt will be attached to the idler and the loading conveyor belt. . Long-term operation will increase the diameter of the roller and the thickness of the conveyor belt, increase the running resistance, and increase the power consumption. In severe cases, it will also cause the deviation of the conveyor and affect the normal operation of the whole machine. For some wet materials, such as coal, cement, etc., the moisture brought by itself will be added to the conveyor belt. The chain feeder is an auxiliary equipment in the mechanized storage and transportation system of lime production enterprises. Its main function is to continuously and uniformly feed processed or unprocessed materials from a certain equipment (hoppers, storage bins, etc.) If the belt turning device is not used in the material receiving equipment or transportation machinery, the friction between the conveyor belt and the roller will be reduced. In severe cases, it can cause skidding. When conveying viscous materials, the materials inevitably stick to the conveyor belt, and the working surface of the loading conveyor belt is in direct contact with the roller. If the belt turning device is not used, the material will stick to the roller during the long-term operation of the conveyor. Increase the roller directly to make the conveyor belt run away. The two-way belt conveyor can realize the two-way transportation of materials, and its benefits in process layout are mainly reflected in the following aspects. The use of lower conveyor belts to transport materials can reduce the number of conveyors and transfer links, save space, reduce occupied area, and reduce infrastructure investment. It has obvious advantages in some technical links that require two-way transportation. It can make the whole process layout more concise and practical.
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