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Solutions to the Problem of Spreading on the Drive Roller Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-30
Drive roller loading conveyor has the advantages of low cost, small quality, high speed, work balance and low noise, so it is widely used. However, due to the low strength of the tape, the fixing of the hopper on the tape is a weak link, so its lifting height is generally not large, and the types of materials to be transported are also limited. The chain bucket elevator is the opposite. It allows a larger lifting height, and can lift materials with larger chunks and higher temperatures. However, chain drives generate dynamic loads. During the lifting process of the hopper, the hopper should be as stable as possible during the process. If the hopper cannot be lifted steadily, the material will be scattered, which will reduce the production efficiency and increase the power consumption. Practice has proved that there are three reasons for the scattering of materials: the vibration of the material in the conveying process, the torque generated by the material in the whole process, and other reasons. The drive roller conveyor is professionally used to transport beverages, cosmetics, dairy and tobacco, automatic transportation, distribution, and subsequent packaging and connection transportation. Multiple rows of chain plates can be transported in parallel or in a single row. In the process of material operation, it can also meet the single-line transportation needs of beverage labeling, canning, and cleaning equipment. The type of traction component of the drive roller conveyor is selected according to the lifting height and material temperature.
Clouds of container loading machine failures surround the world of container loading machine in particular, simply because people don’t pay as much attention to the gravity roller conveyor as they should do.
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