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Smart food conveyors increasingly emphasize the importance of interaction

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-24
At present, the food loading conveyor industry in my country has basically achieved automation, such as the application of automatic diverting conveyors and automatic merging conveyors, but the intelligent transportation has not yet been popularized. Compared with foreign countries, the application of intelligent transportation technology in my country is still very low. In addition to increasing investment in human, material, and financial resources for the development of intelligent transportation technology, it is more important to keep up with the current pace of my country's transformation from industrialization to informationization. At the same time, companies cannot do research and development for Ru0026D and behind closed doors. On the one hand, they must always keep abreast of market trends, study the market in depth before setting up new technology projects, and formulate product strategies based on market needs. On the other hand, for the existing mature technology, we must strive to boldly bring it to the market through various channels. In other words, increase investment in two aspects: focusing on new trends in smart food loading conveyor technology and promoting mature technologies.  At present, smart conveyors are more and more widely used, including food, beverages, medicine, daily necessities, and electronic products. In the smart loading conveyor, consumers can incorporate some innovative thinking, adding more new technologies such as mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical properties, so that it has both general-purpose packet conveying functions and some special properties to meet the needs of commodities. Special requirements and special environmental conditions. In terms of user experience, smart conveyors increasingly emphasize the importance of interaction. Automation, intelligence, and digitization are the major trends in the development of China’s manufacturing industry. In the food machinery and transportation equipment industry, this trend is increasingly reflected. Smart conveyors, smart packaging machines, wine-making robots, smart color sorting, etc. are all intelligent and specific reflect. The development of intelligence will bring opportunities and influences to enterprises in various industries. Food machinery manufacturing enterprises should pay close attention to it and act accordingly.
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